Davidson Institute webinars

davidson instOne of the (many) interesting tips to come from the Solo Endeavours event in May was the existence of the Davidson Institute.

The Davidson Institute is fully owned by Westpac Bank but you don’t need to be a Westpac client to use their services or facilities.  Named after one of the pinnacle figures in the Westpac history, Sir Alfred Davidson, and fearlessly branded Australia’s first School of Money the institute promotes his traits of receptivity to new ideas, self-confidence and practical decision making.

They describe it as “a place where it’s okay to learn from scratch or build on existing skills. Where a free seminar in your local Westpac branch, or an online course might be all that’s needed, but where everyone has the chance to get the education they need to make confident financial decisions.

There are a number of free articles and subjects being covered in the free webinars in August include:
Budget Basics, Investing in Property – Foundations, Cash Flow Management, Effective Asset Funding.

Follow the link here to the website.