These little Piglets. . .

this little pig

Jess & Katherine Kerr

Fully engaged in the best digital marketing on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the darlings of the chatter boxes on all the Food Blogs, Jess Kerr with her sister Katherine, Co-Directors of Deliciousness (as it appears on their business card) are setting a crack(l)ing pace in growing their promising business: This Little Pig Went To Market.

These gently spoken twenty something’s might make you question the toughness they bring to their business. But don’t be fooled! The easy going conversation I had quickly revealed a switched on and clear ambition they have for the business and where they see it going.

Jess and Katherine started about 15 months ago but only recently moved to Bassendean to a period house tucked away on Kathleen Street. The concept of This Little Pig is quite simple but unique. They deliver to your door (On Saturdays between 10am and 6pm) gourmet recipe meal kits. They design the menu and pick up the ingredients from suppliers that include Frank Torres Butcher, Golden Choice Fruit & Vegetables and Kailis Brothers.


Examples of some of their recent dishes are “Crunchy chicken schnitzels with a beetroot, kale & quinoa salad”(pictured) and “Rosemary and mint butterflied lamb shoulder on a bed of tomato, red shallot and green olive warm israeli cous cous”.

Having fresh food purchased and delivered on the same day is pretty fantastic and with competitive pricing ($65 for two people for two meals) it is proving very popular.

Both Jess and Katherine still have their “real” jobs during the week but for how much longer? Neither of them were in the food business before hand, but they more than make up for it with a love of cooking, an abundance of passion and great marketing skills. They are a terrific example of what can be achieved when you spot a niche and go for it!