What’s the Dream Bassendean?

WTDBOn Wednesday 17th September, a group of passionate people are gathering at the Bassendean Hotel to hatch a plan which could change the face of Bassendean.

With a working title of “What’s the Dream Bassendean?”, they’re wanting to create a massive mural from lots of separate pieces which have each been created by members of the community. It’s a mosaic on a really big scale. Depending on the support they get it will decide how big it will be and where it will be.

They got the idea partly from a similar project which was done in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. And their reason for doing it is partly driven because of the proposed amalgamation of the local governments and the possibility of Bassendean being swallowed up.

These ladies want to preserve a little of what Bassendean means to the community and residents. The “Dream Bassendean” is both now and into the future and we feel it links in really well with the aim of Re-New Old Perth Road and (and on facebook).

It is intended that the final pieces will be put together into a large physical display on backboard mountings for installation in a prominent position in the Town of Bassendean. The individual images might be drawn, painted, or photos and then all assembled into an overall image representing “What is the Dream Bassendean”.

It is possible to present the mural in soft form using computer graphics for display of the mural overall as well as a rolling display of the art of individual participants. Products can include posters of the overall mural and individual art of participants in paper and LED forms.

There will be opportunities for business to participate in the mural as well as prospects for sponsorship – for example following the artistic theme aprons and tea towels with sponsoring local businesses contact information in a word cloud formation.

A meeting, will be at The Bassendean Hotel on Wednesday 17th September 2014  5.30-6.30pm.  This will be a Show and Tell to groups who have already expressed interest in the concept. This gathering will also seek to gain traction to move things to the next stage.

If you are keen to find out more or to participate in some way come along to the Bassendean Hotel on Wednesday 17th at 5.30pm.

To register your attendance email Alison Gilchrist – agilchrist@perth.anglican.org