Herculean Effort for Grand Swan River Residence

Earlsferry House.  Image supplied by Annabel Wils

Earlsferry House. Image supplied by Annabel Wils

Talking about awards the Bassendean mansion, Earlsferry House Bed and Breakfast (1 Earlsferry Ct, Bassendean) has picked up a “Highly Commended” Award at the prestigious 2014 WA Heritage Awards.

The Heritage Council recognised the “herculean effort” put in by Proprietors Jane Bowen and Martin Jaine in restoring the two-storey Federation Queen Anne residence and one of the few remaining turn-of-the-20th century properties situated along the Swan River.
Their property will now be short listed for nomination to the UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural heritage Conservation.
The conservation and restoration Earlsferry was devastated by fire in 1989 and then subjected to vandalism and theft. The current owners have spent the past five years restoring the property and turning it into a functional home and thriving Bed and Breakfast business. The judges said the conservation work had been professionally managed according to sound conservation processes and practices, and had returned the place to its earlier, grand appearance.
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TADWA ~ Innovation with Passion

TADWA6a.JPGNot everyone goes home after a day’s work knowing they are making a positive difference to someone else’s life, but the dedicated team at TADWA (Technology Assisting Disability WA) on Collier Road, Bassendean have grasped it and they know how lucky they are.

TADWA, an engineering manufacturer and computer software servicing company, celebrates its 30th Anniversary in 2014 but their enthusiasm for best practice has not dulled in all that time and this year won the Environmental category in the 2014 CEBA Small Business Awards for their all-round initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.

Michele Smith (L) and Tracey Pearce with Mayor Gangell and the award for Best Environmentally Sustainable Business.

Michele Smith (L) and Tracey Pearce with Mayor Gangell and the award for Best Environmentally Sustainable Business.

TADWA personnel are masters at adapting and re-engineering products to aid specific needs for their clients. On a recent tour of the factory I was shown original designs created on the premises that are being copied nationally.   TADWA have used those skills to build up their environmental credentials and have installed a lot of solar panels which reduces their power bills, but more interesting they’ve tackled computer afterlife. Hundreds of computers are received every year and they are stripped down to the myriad components.   Those not reused are packed and freighted to South Australia. Surprisingly, the recycling and take-back programs in WA are not able to handle the volume of material processed at TADWA. This drastically reduces the amount going to landfill.