Achieving Retail Success

rick-hart-02.jpgSo much has been written about the challenges of retail these days that you’d nearly believe that retail was once easy!

Not so.

Rick Hart is clearly recognised as a leader in the retail market and he completely turned the traditional retail stores on their head when he arrived in the 80’s. He has maintained a high profile in the kitchen and cooking products sector for more than 25 years and has only sustained that profile through his own innovative thinking and customer perspective.

He is an entertaining speaker and generous with his knowledge and you can join him for Friday lunch.

Transport Bottlenecks

Trafficjam2-884x498Comments are being invited from across the business and residential community (28/9 to 28/10) to identify and inform the planners and strategists on where the issues lie in your daily commute.

It is an opportunity to let them know where a certain intersection is difficult, road is too narrow or access just is too hard.

To make it super easy they’ve put together an interactive map (They call it “Collaborativemap“) where you can click on the place which you think needs to be sorted out and you can actually write your comments on it.

The information will be fed back into the next transport strategy (Regional Integrated Transport Strategy 2014 – 2016).

They are seeking information for motor vehicles, public transport, cycling, walking and freight. The comment period is open from now until the 28 October.

Don’t put it off folks, use this opportunity to register your opinions. Your comments will be available for others to add to and build on and if you leave your contact details the strategists will be able to get back to you if needs be.

Full explanation is available here.