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CEBA AGM 2014Local Violin duo “Arco” has been chosen to headline the Annual CEBA pre-Christmas event on Wednesday 10th December 2014 at the Bassendean Hotel.

Richard Price and Ashley Arbuckle make up this unique ensemble, and with their flair for improvisation, they’ll perform new music, jazz and traditional.

This will be a sundowner commencing at 5.30pm.

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Franchising re-visited

FranchisingIf you own a franchise or thinking of buying a franchise you will be interested to know the regulations or “The Code” is changing on 1 Jan 2015.

A free webinar about the new Franchising Code from the ACCC: “What you need to know and do now” is being held on Tuesday 9 December 2014

Time: 12.00pm–1.00pm AEDT

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In this webinar Michael Schaper, Deputy Chair of the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) will go through the new Code in plain english! He’ll cover what the main provisions are, the implications for franchisors and franchisees, and how the ACCC will enforce it.  For example, while many provisions of the current Code will remain, some of the changes the new Franchising Code will bring include:

  • ACCC Dr M Schaper

    Dr Michael Schaper, Deputy Chair, will present the ACCC webinar

    introducing an obligation for parties to act in good faith in their dealings with one another

  • introducing financial penalties and infringement notices for serious breaches of the Code
  • requiring franchisors to provide prospective franchisees with a short information sheet outlining the risks and rewards of franchising
  • requiring franchisors to provide greater transparency in the use of, and accounting for, marketing funds.

Franchisors, franchisees and professional advisers are encouraged to attend this webinar to find out more about the new Code and ask any questions they may have.

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Customers behaviour with digital technology . . . . . . .

  1. DigBiz Shop sqI can find information instantly… I can do it anywhere, anytime…
  2. I want it now…but decide in my own time. I will say no!
  3. I am busy… but I check things out… and I will walk away.
  4. I buy when I am ready…you don’t sell… I make my own decisions.
  5. I want you to listen to me…I switch allegiance…quickly and easily.
  6. I ignore online advertising (92%)*… but look for third party reviews and ratings!
  7. I talk to others…and complain to them if something goes wrong.

The Customer has changed how are you responding? The free Digital Workshops in the Bassendean Library started on Thursday and will continue through to February 2015

Look for the details here and ensure you can respond effectively to the change in customer behaviour.

*Adobe Research 2013