Workforce Planning towards Harmony

I really like the current marketing campaign to fight age discrimination The Power of Oldness. The message is important but the approach taken in delivering it is very effective.

Power of OldnessThis has also been part of the message in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA) Workforce Development Services Program.   The CCIWA has understood that for many when going into business staffing is an activity which we’re not the most skilled at, so they created the Workforce Planning Kit.

This kit clarifies the best approaches to tackle the issue. It suggests a step by step approach and a little out-of-the-box thinking: bringing in some flexibility, looking at trends in your business, comparing your staff turnover with other businesses in your industry to name a few.

Unfortunately, the Small Business Advisory Services Program which produced this will soon end as the Chamber rationalises its services. So download the kit from the link provided and go to the Workforce Development Services website to access other useful resources.

While staffing or Workforce Planning is clearly a critical element of the business, by many it is tackled with some reluctance and in an ad hoc way and can be very time consuming. Any business owner will agree that harmony in the workforce is one of the most valued commodities, don’t take the problems home or let it affect you over the holiday break.

This might be your Christmas present or the solution for your New Year’s resolution?