“Energy Cut”

do something Jon DeeReducing your energy bills is easy. But changing people’s habits “ain’t so easy”.

If you work for yourself you have only yourself to worry about and to keep reminding.  But if you have a number of staff then it’s doubly hard to get this change happening. It gets complicated.

Jon Dee of Planet Ark fame is travelling the country helping businesses reduce their energy consumption. Jon and his business partner Pat Cash (of Wimbledon fame) moved on from Planet Ark some time ago and in 2009 founded Do Something. They recently received federal funding to promote their latest project “Energy Cut”. The program offers solutions which will all help the bottom line.

We’re talking about reducing the cost of lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, transport and equipment.

A high profile environmentalist like Jon (he was also NSW Australian of the Year 2010) has the ability to attract attention and “Energy Cut” has got quite a following.

The Town of Bassendean is investigating a possible forum in our region where Jon will make a presentation. Each person who attends an Energy Cut talk receives a free copy of the book Energy Cut: The 20 Step Guide to Cutting Energy Bills in Your Business. Written by Jon Dee EnergyCut.info/jondeebio, the book will be available in both hard copy and eBook formats.

Following are links to preview some of the material created for this project

Tip Sheet: EnergyCut.info/tipsheet_business 

Case Study: EnergyCut.info/casestudy_business