Up Date for Energy Cut

Energy cut BassendeanOn Thursday, 2 April, a group of about 20 people gathered in the Council meeting room to meet and listen to Jon Dee and hear the message of energy reduction.

He crammed a lot in to his 40 minutes and if he was allowed, could have spoken for 140 minutes! Amongst his audience there was a garden centre, a health clinic, a plumbing business, a funeral home, waste management business, a real estate agent and many others and he inspired everyone with the constant ideas, examples and suggestions which are detailed in his book.

Some of his key messages for me were,

  • We need to keep in touch with technology. There are improvements coming through in technology constantly.
  • The real savings lie in branded products not the cheap ones (think of supermarket light globes as opposed to Phillips or Osram for example).
  • Savings and improvements can be made incrementally (to fit your cash flow) and
  • One of the most important points – the payback period is getting really short. A beautiful example he used was from a bookshop (ABC shop) in Albany who he met just a few days ago, had replaced all the lighting in the shop to LED’s and also put in a some relatively small solar panels. The combined savings for the business were $20,000 per annum and he would recoup his outlay within two years.
  • There is an electronic version of his book.  In fact his web site is very well designed to take you directly to the topics that you are interested in.

Energy cut Bassendean2He left the Town with four copies of his book: “The 20 Step Guide to Cutting Energy Bills in your Business” to give away. The books include over a 100 case studies of savings achieved by real business here in Australia. The book is peppered with facts and figures and ideas. There are guidelines on what to look out for when choosing a device, explanation behind certain decisions, promotion of technology which has been developed in Australia and much more.

The reader cannot but help make savings from this book!  If you would like a copy make a request through the comments below.

He has promised to come back again in the not too distant future and hopefully it will be on a more suitable day then the night before the Easter long weekend!