NBN Update

NBN Aug 16

Ken Cardy, A/Director Asset Services and Andreea-Mihaela Balica, Engineering Technician on the streets of Eden Hill with the first Node Pack checking potential locations for NBN Nodes

Many residents and business owners have recently asked how the roll out is going.

The short answer is, the roll out is on schedule and will commence in the last quarter of this year and should be complete by the middle of next year.

NBN met with the Town on Wednesday 17 August and the Town received the first of the Node Packs.  The Node Packs show the preferred locations across the Town for the distribution cabinets (or nodes) and the engineers of the Town take these packs and make sure no other services or proposed plans will affect them.  Once this is complete, residences near the cabinets are contacted to let them know there may be NBN infrastructure going up near them.

And then, in and around October you will begin to see the work teams turning up with massive rolls of yellow cable and feeding it into the conduits under the streets of Eden Hill, Ashfield and Bassendean.

It’s not premature to start getting excited!  I’m sure many of you will have lots of questions. Feel free to post them here and share with all local businesses and residents. Or take a look at the NBN site here which is full of FAQ’s and can answer most questions.

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un-frustrating driving in 2050

SmarttransportDriving is something most of us do a lot of every week.  And it comes with stress, anxiety and some irritation. Because other drivers just aren’t as good at driving as you are!

Imagine then what the driving will be like when the population grows from 2 million today to 3 million or even 3.5 million. That’s the predicted population in 2050.

The Northlink happening on our door step on the Tonkin Hwy is a significant part of our future.

There is some serious thought being put into preparing the ground now to help in smoothing the way forward and you’re invited to give your opinions and knowledge.  Follow the links here for an insight into the myriad of permutations involved.  There’s the cost, the future employment centres, climate change, fitness and health and of course technology to name a few!

The survey (available here) is open until the 28 October 2016.