NBN is here . . . . .switch on

In parts of Eden Hill anyway! And before you know it, all of Bassendean, Ashfield and the rest of Eden Hill will be hooked up! Including those areas outside of the Council area, like Beechboro, Morley and Kiara, a total of 11,100 households were connected last week.

nbn will undertake a comprehensive communication campaign in areas scheduled to make the switch to the nbn network. This includes local advertising, community information sessions, direct mail and door-to-door service calls to those within the area. You can also find out whether you are eligible to connect by using the Check Your Address function at www.nbnco.com.au/switch.

But when the NBN announces an area is ready, it does not mean you get the connection automatically.

So, what to do? Homes and businesses should take the following steps:

  1. Contact your preferred phone or internet service provider to discuss your phone and internet requirements.  That’s Telstra, Optus, iinet, TPG and more.
  2. Choose a plan that suits your needs.  These organisations have packages figured out to suit all needs.  There will be a scale in the cost of connecting you up according to the capacity you want.
  3. Order your service over the nbn network as soon as possible.

Please note:

  • If you have a medical alarm or alert (or a family member, carer or friend) you are encouraged to register your details with nbn’s Medical Alarm Register by calling 1800 227 300 or complete the online form at nbnco.com.au/medicalregister.
  • If you have an EFTPOS terminal, fax or alarm system, call the provider of that service (for example your bank) to ask what internet or landline phone services over the NBN will support the device.
  • If your building has an emergency lift phone and/or a fire indicator panel you are encouraged to register your details with nbn so these services can be identified by calling 1800 687 626.
  • There is a Switch-off date as well.  The switch off is approximately 18 months from the switch on date.
  • If you do not place an order for services over the nbn network with your preferred phone or internet service provider before the switch off date for your premises, you will lose access to affected existing internet and landline services.
  • Areas within suburbs will have different switch off dates depending on when the nbn network becomes available to their premises.

nbn – what business needs to know

You are invited to hear from nbn General Manager Business Segment Luke Robertson about the nbn™ network rollout,

  • What opportunities and benefits the nbn™ will provide to business and what business needs to know before making the switch.

There will also be an opportunity for Q&A and networking.

  • Venue The RISE, 28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands
  • Date Wednesday 19 April 2017
  • Time 12pm – 1.30pm
  • RSVP JaneMcNamara-at-nbnco-dot-com-dot-au
  • Closing Weds 12 April 2017

Places are limited and RSVPs are essential

NBN underway

So what jobs will the future bring?On the 20th December the Town of Bassendean received a construction and activity notice to advise that the telecommunications network infrastructure forming part of the National Broadband (NBN) will commence 30th December 2016.

This will be first apparent in the Eden Hill area and I’ve had a call already this morning (9 Jan) confirming that indeed the crew are on site and getting the job done!!!

NBN have outlined the following anticipated impact to the verge adjacent to residential properties caused by the works and the proposed remediation works that will be undertaken:


  • Limited disturbance to ground surfaces such as footpaths, grass road verge and sandy soils.
  • Slight disruption to pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows due to small crews working to install the telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Minor noise and dust generation.
  • Short term restriction to property access.


  • Construction to be confined to footways and established telecommunication alignments.
  • Contractors will follow all applicable industry standards in the installation of its facilities.
  • Care and appropriate precautions taken at all times to ensure public safety.
  • Reinstatement of all road surfaces and pathways to a condition that is similar to its condition before the activity began.

NBN Update

NBN Aug 16

Ken Cardy, A/Director Asset Services and Andreea-Mihaela Balica, Engineering Technician on the streets of Eden Hill with the first Node Pack checking potential locations for NBN Nodes

Many residents and business owners have recently asked how the roll out is going.

The short answer is, the roll out is on schedule and will commence in the last quarter of this year and should be complete by the middle of next year.

NBN met with the Town on Wednesday 17 August and the Town received the first of the Node Packs.  The Node Packs show the preferred locations across the Town for the distribution cabinets (or nodes) and the engineers of the Town take these packs and make sure no other services or proposed plans will affect them.  Once this is complete, residences near the cabinets are contacted to let them know there may be NBN infrastructure going up near them.

And then, in and around October you will begin to see the work teams turning up with massive rolls of yellow cable and feeding it into the conduits under the streets of Eden Hill, Ashfield and Bassendean.

It’s not premature to start getting excited!  I’m sure many of you will have lots of questions. Feel free to post them here and share with all local businesses and residents. Or take a look at the NBN site here which is full of FAQ’s and can answer most questions.

Previous posts about the NBN can be found here


NBN Field Crew hit Bassendean

NBN Node

The NBN is finally being being rolled out in Bassendean. If you are really observant you may notice a witches hat in the road verges like this one spotted on West Road  last week.

These will be the future location of the nodes for the optic fibre.  They will become cabinets from which the surrounding properties will be connected to the NBN. Each cabinet can connect up to 200 properties so we will have dozens of these dotted all over town.

If you would like to know more about the NBN you can follow the links HERE to all our previous updates on BMB or contact us directly by leaving your comments below.

Employment Opportunities with NBN

NBN trainingWith the roll out of the NBN now gathering pace, new positions are going to become available.

NBN has contacted us directly asking us to promote their Industry Workforce Development Program. It is estimated that over 4,500 new positions will become available over the next 10 years.

NBN has identified the following key occupations as currently having the highest shortages:

  • Telecommunications Technicians
  • Telecommunications Fibre Splicers
  • Telecommunications Linesworkers
  • Telecommunications Copper Cable Jointers

NBN are looking for all levels as well:

Follow these links to register your interest.

nbn excitement

nbn 101There is growing excitement here about the arrival of the nbn.

The new Community Affairs Manager, Rachel McIntyre has been active in communicating with all the local governments who will be connected to the optic fibre in the next three years in their recently published three year plan.

Bassendean of course is in line to receive it in 2016, or at least the installation will commence next year.

We are now receiving their quarterly newsletter which maintains this sense of anticipation and excitement.

If you are interested in receiving regular updates you can subscribe to nbn directly here.

NBN “Progress Report”

NBN 2015Many of you are wondering whatever happened to the roll out to the optic fibre here in Bassendean, otherwise known as the National Broadband Network.  Unfortunately, the short answer is “not much”

Performing a quick check on their roll out map resulted in the image on the right here, stating the rollout has not started in Bassendean.

At a presentation in June I was informed Bassendean was “still being designed”. They stated the roll out will commence in 18 months and be completed in 24 months.

As has been widely reported in the press there has been a complete overhaul at NBN.  The key executives have been replaced and the whole programme has been revised. The result for business is that we will be offered a “Multi Tech Mix”.

A “Multi Tech Mix” means, instead of previously promising “fixed line to the premises” to all customers, the NBN will be delivered in three options depending on which is easiest and least complicated. The three options are: “fibre to the node”, “fixed wireless”, and “fibre to the premises”.  For the majority of Bassendean it will most probably be “fibre to the node”.  A “Node” refers to a cabinet which looks like an electrical box.  It is about waist high and will be tucked away on the side of the street and each one will serve approximately 200 premises. The guaranteed speed is 25 mbs (minimum). The current average is 6-7mbs, so this is a four fold improvement.  Additionally, “fibre to the node” is much quicker to install, (just six months to complete the whole area) and accordingly, much more affordable.

An independent website “MyNBN” offers more detail of the full project for Bassendean.

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to try and answer them or forward them on to NBN for answers.


NBN Rollout in Bassendean

NBN logoNBN Co today issued its quarterly update to the national rollout plan. An additional 79,000 homes and businesses in Western Australia are being added to the rollout of the National Broadband Network.
New areas that have been added to the rollout include all of Bassendean, including Eden Hill and Ashfield, parts of Hilton and Kingsley.Additional locations have also been identified in the regions.

The quarterly construction plan provides an indicative schedule that includes work already underway or in plan to commence before quarter end September 2016 and covers more than 368,000 Western Australian homes and businesses in total.
The expansion of the rollout is achieved through the company’s new, flexible multi-technology approach.  According to thier media release, this means that for most households and businesses:

  • If already served by the Optus or Telstra Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cable networks ¡V these areas will likely receive fast broadband over an upgraded HFC network;
  • If in an area where NBN fibre to the premises (FTTP) has been deployed or is in advanced stages of being built – these areas will likely remain part of the FTTP rollout;
  • If in areas earmarked for NBN fixed wireless or satellite networks – these areas will remain part of the fixed wireless and satellite rollout plan;
  • If in other areas – these areas are likely to receive fibre to the node deployment (FTTN) and, in the case of multi-dwelling units such as apartment blocks, fibre to the basement (FTTB).

The Town has had direct conversation with Peter burney NBN Community Affairs Manager and he’s offered to provide greater detail on the specifics which relate to Bassendean.  We intend to take him up on this in the next couple of weeks.

Ascot to Bassendean Transit Route – NBN Works

nbn-rolloutWhat might otherwise go unnoticed, as part of the construction of the NBN, sub contractors will be visible early in April along West Rd and Palmerston St, Bassendean.

They will be upgrading existing Telstra pits, clearing blockages in Telstra conduits and hauling new optic fibre cable through existing conduit.

They will bring the link from Ascot through to Bassendean Telstra Switch on the corner of Old Perth Rd and Wilson St following a route along the Great Eastern Hwy up to Guildford and then back across the Guildford Road Bridge to Bassendean.