This web site aims to empower local businesses and encourage entrepreneurship in the local community. It offers access to practical and valuable information that will help speculators and developers considering Bassendean as a location for investment.

If you are buying a business or contemplating going into business, ensure you make the right choices and decisions, utilise good data and statistics and look here and here.

A primary objective for Council is to underpin the Towns prosperity with a strong, vibrant and sustainable business sector.  In addition to providing and lobbying for important infrastructure such as roads, public transport and lighting and implementing vital regulatory services in Planning, Building, Health and Local Laws, Council provides key services for local business in the form of Information and Research, Networking and Training, Marketing and Communications.

Through the Economic Development Advisory Committee and this web site we maintain constant dialogue with our local business community. On this web site there are also a set of links where more data can be accessed quickly.

We encourage business to participate in the prosperity of their local community by employing locally and sponsoring local activities.  Let us know of a vacancy which you have and send it through, we would love to advertise it here for you.

bbBassendean Briefings

Every two months the Town publishes the Newsletter Bassendean Briefings, which as the name suggests offers an overview of things which have been happening or are planned for and around the Town.  Click on the image to view the latest publication.

Legal Disclaimer

The material on our internet site is intended for the general information of the local community, businesses and associated activities within the municipality.

This content is up-dated regularly, but users are advised to check the currency and validity of information with specific service areas or relevant government authorities as our site content is not intended to be fully comprehensive in all instances.

Reference to local businesses, case studies or business seminars/events that appear on the website are for information only. The Council does not support or endorse any product, service or event listed unless otherwise stated.

The Town of Bassendean does not accept any liability for the information or advice (or the use of such) which is provided on this website.