“It’s My Business” video series

“It’s My Business” is a series of video interviews with a certain directness and candour. They have an an air of seeing under the cover or behind the façade a little.  They are unscripted, spontaneous interviews where proprietors of local businesses, some small and some not so small talk about how they got started, the challenges they have faced and what motivates them to keep going.

They reveal some of their secrets and also some of their weaknesses.  But all the time they focus on where they have had challenges and how they have dealt with them and confronted them.

The first business to step up is Science Alive.  It’s a home based business run by Mike Doyle and Linda Stewart and has been in operation since 1997.



Encompass Coaching, operated by Barb Frey

Barb Frey illustrates whats so good about working for your self and what really shows is how much she enjoys her work.

As she says “It gives a lot of pleasure being a ‘champion’ for many business people”.   But she offers not just an insight into running her own business but offers some valuable tips for any body contemplating setting up on their own.

She says if you are thinking of taking the plunge, do your homework and ask yourself these questions….

  • Is it going to generate the income that you think?
  • What’s the evidence that that is going to be the case?
  • Is the business you’re going into something you can sell?
  • Is the product you’re offering and the technology that you are using going to stand the test of time?
  • Technology is changing all the time, will you be able to keep up with it?
  • And do you love it?

She suggests also to be wary of technology and always assess the “Gadget value”