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These posts will bring updates on what is happening in the Central Eastern Business Association (CEBA), Swan Chamber of Commerce and also the Small Business Centres in Stirling and Midland and CCIWA.

CEBA Business Awards 2016

ceba-awards-launch-2016sqsmThe launch for this years Business Awards is just around the corner. That is, they are being held near by in City of Bayswater and they’re being held soon – Friday 23rd September!

There are a number of changes and improvements which have been implemented into the program this year, for a start the Gala Dinner will run as a Cocktail evening instead.

But the Town of Bassendean sponsorship remains as does the support of the City of Bayswater and there will be the friendly rivalry between us to see how many winners each of us can generate!  Together we are enthusiastic on seeing lots of entries and submissions from our huge number of small to medium businesses.

Come along to this launch and learn about what’s involved in making a submission, what are the prizes and what are the benefits for the effort required.

Register here


Training in your business


Apprenticeship AustraliaAs part of your recruitment and training strategy, have you considered apprenticeships and traineeships?

Investing in training through apprenticeships or traineeships can provide your business with real benefits.

With over 500 qualifications across all industries, ranging from Certificate II through to Advanced Diploma level, there is a qualification to suit everyone from front-line staff, office administrators and management.

If you are interested, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCIWA)  and there to help you:

  • Identify suitable training options to skill your staff
  • Access candidates through a Jobs Board on
  • Determine eligibility for financial incentives or benefits
  • To sign up apprentices and trainees and manage the training contract
  • With Offer ongoing support
  • Access mentoring support for you and your apprentices/trainees throughout the training period.

To follow up, contact Kiara-Jean.Archer:

Social Media (Facebook) Training

Della Cornish

Presenter Della Cornish heads up her own consultancy Social Ekho and has wide experience

CEBA are offering a terrific opportunity for any Facebook novices to get a good grip on what this phenomena is all about.  Allow two hours (8am to 10am) and $49 or $69 (Members or Non Members) to come away with all the know how you need to get started and whet your appetite for this marvelous marketing tool.

CEBA-rian networking breakfast ~ Dome Bassendean

CEBAriansqWednesday 13th January, will see the second networking breakfast here in Bassendean (Dome Café – upstairs)

This idea is the brainchild of Greg Pound at CEBA. He’s been hosting them for 6 months already at Fast Eddies in Morley and they are really taking off.

It’s very straight forward. There is minimal structure to it and its fairly free flowing. You don’t have to be a member of CEBA either.  You all introduce yourselves briefly and there’s a theme planned based on feedback from around the table.

This meeting will focus on understanding the real needs of your customer. Retailers in particular will connect with this and perhaps benefit the most, but we all need customers.

It brings the whole role of CEBA back to its roots and original purpose. Bringing passionate business people together to learn from each other and build connections.

They’ll be run monthly, second Wednesday of the month.

If this sounds like something you would like to check out, we’ll be upstairs at Dome, Bassendean from 7.00am Wednesday 13th January.

There’s no charge, but book anyway through Meetups here.

It’s Good to Talk

Kirstin BouseAs Christmas quickly approaches it is time once again for the CEBA End of year Luncheon.

Filling out the occasion will be the AGM plus a guest speaker Kirstin Bouse.

Kirstin heads up Life Resolutions which took out the top award at this years CEBA Business Awards.  Although the business is relatively new, Kirstin has been a psych for twenty years. Her focus is helping people in all walks of life to adjust well to their surroundings and challenges.  Something which probably all of us can gain from.

A theme which in a way mirrors the theme of CEBA: to open up a little and share your ideas and plans with your friends underlines Life Resolutions.  In CEBA we call it networking but it runs a little deeper for Kirstin but I think the ultimate benefits are shared

When: Tues 8th December

Time: 12 mid day – 2.00pm

Where: Wellington Room, Morley Sport and Rec Centre, Wellington Rd, Morley

Price: $55 or $66 (members/ non members)


Networking Breakfast – all things marketing

All things marketingThis is the first meeting of what we hope will be a regular gathering of people who are passionate about doing better business.

The focus of each meeting will be on “All Things Marketing” 

It’s a collaboration with CEBA.  There will be a presenter/speaker and then we open it out to the floor.  It’s informal,

We meet at Dome, Bassendean between 7am – 9.00am.

Date: Wednesday, 25th November 2015.

No charge, just buy your own coffee and food if you want to.

Places are limited. Full details and registration here please


Nominate for 2015 CEBA Business Awards

2015-Business-Awards-Launch.jpgThe Central Eastern Business Association (CEBA) Business Awards are great trophies to display and they’re proof to astute customers that they’re in good hands.

The awards are open to all businesses in the inner eastern region from Maylands, Inglewood, Dianella, Morley, Bayswater to Eden Hill, Bassendean and Ashfield and since their inception Bassendean business have graced the stage to receive a number of awards including Best Retail Business – (2011); Best Home Based Business – Kidzabuzz (2011), Best Online Business – (2013); Best New Business – Tall Style (2013); Best Business of the Year – (2013) and Best Environmentally Sustainable Business – TADWA (2014), with many more filling runners up spots too.

Mayor John Gangell when presenting the Award sponsored by the Town at last year’s gala dinner praised all entrants, emphasising that all participants gain from entering these awards, whether or not they receive a prize. It is really the singular exercise of honestly answering the questions posed for entry package. (more…)

Swan Connect Economic Conference

Swan Connect2Hot on the heels of the Federal and State Budgets, the Swan Chamber of Commerce is hosting a one day conference focusing on the future of the regional economy.

The conference will be opened by Premier Colin Barnett and keynote speakers and panellists include Hon Christian Porter MP; Michael Carter, State Director of Austrade; and business leaders Dr Glen Power, CEO, Midland Hospital, Brad Geatches, CEO Perth Airport; Dale Alcock, property developer; John Garland of Garland International R.E. and many others. 

This is a chance to talk about the major projects that will change the face of this region in the years to come. Sessions will look at the new economic drivers in our region, the residential growth and how the new hospital and a university will greatly increase the diversity of the region, making it a much more desirable area to live and work.

More often than not, business owners/operators are so busy just running their businesses and, in today’s economic climate, trying to survive, but this is a chance to consider how to adjust business practises to make the most of new markets.

The target audience is local business large and small; investors both within the region, Perth based, national & international; and businesses that may be looking to relocate or expand to Swan.

Registration and full details can be found on their web site here

CEBA Business Awards 2015

CEBA Business Awards

Bassendean based business have always been well represented over the years amongst the winners of these awards.

The exciting local business awards from CEBA are on again this year.

The Town of Bassendean is once more getting involved and is a major sponsor. Along with the City of Bayswater and a number of other major supporters, the Town is actively encouraging all locally based businesses to get involved.

The launch is being held on the 12th May and then businesses have approximately 10 weeks to get their applications in for consideration. The winners are announced at a gala dinner on 21 August.;

Improvements and changes are always being made to these awards to make them more relevant and valuable to both CEBA and to local businesses. Of note this year, the association has introduced a “People’s Choice Award” and “Best Community Based Business”.

The People’s Choice Award will be managed through the associations Facebook page and the general public will be prompted to get on line and vote for their favourite local business!

All details and registration packs are being prepared for the launch at the City of Bayswater. Then they’ll be available on line or by contacting the CEBA Office (Here) or through the Town of Bassendean ED Office (by leaving a comment below)

Up Date for Energy Cut

Energy cut BassendeanOn Thursday, 2 April, a group of about 20 people gathered in the Council meeting room to meet and listen to Jon Dee and hear the message of energy reduction.

He crammed a lot in to his 40 minutes and if he was allowed, could have spoken for 140 minutes! Amongst his audience there was a garden centre, a health clinic, a plumbing business, a funeral home, waste management business, a real estate agent and many others and he inspired everyone with the constant ideas, examples and suggestions which are detailed in his book.

Some of his key messages for me were,

  • We need to keep in touch with technology. There are improvements coming through in technology constantly.
  • The real savings lie in branded products not the cheap ones (think of supermarket light globes as opposed to Phillips or Osram for example).
  • Savings and improvements can be made incrementally (to fit your cash flow) and
  • One of the most important points – the payback period is getting really short. A beautiful example he used was from a bookshop (ABC shop) in Albany who he met just a few days ago, had replaced all the lighting in the shop to LED’s and also put in a some relatively small solar panels. The combined savings for the business were $20,000 per annum and he would recoup his outlay within two years.
  • There is an electronic version of his book.  In fact his web site is very well designed to take you directly to the topics that you are interested in.

Energy cut Bassendean2He left the Town with four copies of his book: “The 20 Step Guide to Cutting Energy Bills in your Business” to give away. The books include over a 100 case studies of savings achieved by real business here in Australia. The book is peppered with facts and figures and ideas. There are guidelines on what to look out for when choosing a device, explanation behind certain decisions, promotion of technology which has been developed in Australia and much more.

The reader cannot but help make savings from this book!  If you would like a copy make a request through the comments below.

He has promised to come back again in the not too distant future and hopefully it will be on a more suitable day then the night before the Easter long weekend!