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Localism and the Town of Bassendean

The Town has spent the last few months researching and writing a whole new business support strategy.  And one of the things to come from this research has been a discussion paper on Localism.  Localism is associated with a range of ideas from economic, social and other perspectives, including: buying local, locally produced food, local business investment, local education, local culture and stories and local entrepreneurship.

For the Town of Bassendean, localism will be what the local community decides it will be.  You can read the whole discussion paper here.

The Town is seeking out local groups and organisations in the area like the Bassendean Business Association to develop this further and to really make it shine in 2018.

Four-day closure of Collier Road 12 – 17 January 2018

The final leg of road construction for Collier Rd with the NorthlinkWA project will be happening this weekend!  This will involve building of two roundabouts on Collier Road and opening up the on and off-ramps from the Tonkin Highway.

On completion, Tonkin Highway will transform to a freeway with six lanes and traffic will become free-flowing with the removal of traffic lights at Collier Road, Morley Drive and Benara Road.

Construction of the roundabouts will require a closure of Collier Road as follows: 7pm Friday 12 January to 5am Wednesday 17 January. 

The roundabouts will have only one lane in each direction.  They will be temporary. You can see here for the animation of what the final layout will look like. 

Diversions will be in place and can be viewed here

It’s been a big year . . looking forward to 2018

This year has passed in record time and we will soon be into January.

2018 Refresh

At the top of the list, we are planning a refresh of BassendeanMeansBusiness web site.  Assisting us to do some of the ground work we recently had the good fortune to work with local university student – Sally Leavy.  Sally a third year at Notre Dame, Fremantle is completing a double degree in Commerce (Economics) and Politics (International Relations). She put in two weeks as an intern sifting through mountains of data from the ABR, distilling it down to integrate into the latest business directory and email database.  This data really helps in featuring the new operators, those starting out, those working from home and helps to build networks and bring the right people together.

2018 Localism 

Talking about bringing people together I recently met up with some members of the Bassendean Business Association over breakfast and I’m looking forward to supporting them in 2018.

A part of that support will hopefully be at the Festival of Local Business.  This event is just beginning to take shape and will happen in April.  It aims to put our community of businesses and entrepreneurs on the map in a very special way. The idea of the festival came out of the Digital Business Marketing Strategy (2018) which will be officially presented to the new Economic Development Committee when it first meets in the new year.  But you can get a sneak preview here.  The new Economic Development Committee is currently looking for members.  If you want to be part of it please nominate yourself here and make sure your hat is in the ring.

2018 Optimism

The economic and financial outlook for 2018 is positive overall.  A just published Quarterly Economic Commentary from Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre (BCEC) offers excellent objective insight into the expectations both social and commercial for 2018.  Great reading when you can separate yourself from your domestic duties this holiday.

Original & Free

And finally, as a start up business where your cash is tight and image is everything.  The biggest place where your customers find you and make a decision on whether to trust you or put their time in to check you out is of course your website.  That is the centre of your publicity.  A major element are the photos and images which are displayed.

Here is a link to 25 websites of original free stocks photos   These thousands of photos are free to download. They just ask you to acknowledge the photographer when you use the image (just like we have with the image above). The images are unique and different from the standard free stock photos.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday.  Looking forward to 2018 and growing our local economy.

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Midland Line Shutdown

Expect a little bit of disruption next weekend folks. Because of the East Perth Station upgrade (as part of the how future crowds from the new stadium will be managed) the Midland Line has to close for the long weekend 22 – 25 Sept (incl).

This will impact those on the roads as well as those who normally take the train as the number of vehicles on the road will increase. It’s unfortunate in that it is the first week of the school hols and the opening of the Perth Royal Show.  Replacement buses will operate throughout the Shutdown and will be increased to cater for Royal Show passengers.

The Shutdown will take place from around 7pm on Thursday 21 September through to the last service on Monday 25 September (public holiday).

There is plenty of information on the Transperth website, including a Shutdown passenger brochure and accessible brochure, plus an information video and a Shutdown Facebook page which will be monitored and updated daily with tips for travelling during the Shutdown.


Are we there yet?

The results of the business survey are in and they make for interesting reading.

The survey was part of our research into gathering an up to date database of businesses in the council area. There are approximately 700+ businesses and 300 completed the survey.   So just under half on the database. And the breakdown of them was as follows

  • 4% were sole operators
  • 43% employed 1-4 employees
  • 38% employed 5-19 employees
  • 15% employed 20+ employees

The top four industries were

  • 21% were in retail
  • 12% were in construction
  • 10% Manufacturing
  • 8% in Food and hospitality

The summary results are available here.

The survey investigated three elements: Technology uptake, Staffing and assistance and Networking. These are central elements to being in business and in the case of technology and staffing they are the high cost elements as well.

We asked businesses – “How strongly do you anticipate that your business will be impacted in the next 5 years by technological changes?” While 40% believed technology would have a strong impact, 28% believed it would not impact on their business.  The “right” answer according to the current research is that technology will impact 100% of businesses.

Another interesting result was in the learning, training and support area. We provided a fairly comprehensive list of 18 organisations or programs that are active in this area and 23% of respondents replied that they knew none of them and 36% had not used any of them.  This is concerning as it can be reasonably interpreted to mean that these businesses are operating all on their own.

And in these challenging times we all need support.

The Town is a facilitator and advocate in economic development and through this survey we can identify the strengths of the area, what it means to live and work in Bassendean and we also can see some of our weaknesses and our challenges. The information in this survey will be used to frame the activities of the Town to provide support and assistance where it is most needed.

We would welcome your comments and views.


New Business Database

The Town is going all out to update the database we have for businesses operating across the Town.  We are literally going out to all the “bricks and mortar” premises. We are visiting all the factories and all the shops in the main precincts of Eden Hill, Ashfield and Bassendean.

But for all you home based operators that’s not so easy.  For most of you there are no signs on the road to say where you are.

But we don’t want you to miss out so, the survey is available to you to fill out on-line – HERE.


As a minimum, the survey will update our database which was originally developed in 2010.  The directory on this web site came from then too and is now well out of date.

The survey asks your opinions and recommendations around running a business.  This helps us to evaluate how you are travelling and learn what are the big hurdles that you are challenged with. It could lead to pulling together a business group, or getting people with similar interests to get together, or we could use it to drive a shared working space somewhere in the Town and there are many more benefits which will emerge over the coming months and years.


Morley Drive closed at Tonkin Highway 21-24 April

8pm Friday 21 April – 5am Monday 24 April

  • Morley Drive closed between Crimea Street and Beechboro Road North (left-in, left-out access to local residents only).
  • Tonkin Highway will remain open, with two lanes in each direction. Access to Tonkin Highway will be available at Benara and Collier Roads.
  • Bus services on Morley Drive between Crimea Street and Beechboro Road North will be impacted. For more information visit the Transperth website or call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13.
  • Road users are asked to follow signed detours to access Morley Drive as shown in the map below.

As part of the Tonkin Highway upgrade from Guildford Road to Reid Highway, a new interchange will be built at Morley Drive. The interchange includes a large oval shaped roundabout at ground level that will connect Morley Drive to a raised Tonkin Highway.

Please plan ahead and allow extra travel time as delays are expected. Speed limits are reduced in the construction zone. For alternative routes and road impacts see or call 1800 748 642.

Protect your business from scams

ASIC are sending out reminders and advice on the constant threat of scammers for business.

As a business owner, it’s important to learn how to protect yourself and your business from scams. Many scammers will imitate government departments to try and lure you into giving them valuable information and paying false payments.

Scams targeting ASIC customers

Recently there have been a number of scams targeting customers of ASIC. Customers are being contacted via email by scammers pretending to be ASIC staff requesting payment of fees and personal information to renew their business or company name.

The emails from scammers can often contain a link to an invoice with fake payment details or infect your computer with malware. Emails claiming to be from ASIC are probably a scam if it asks you to:

  • make payments over the phone
  • make payments to receive refunds
  • provide credit and bank details directly by email or phone.

To learn more, including what to do if you’re unsure whether an email is from ASIC, check out ASIC’s information on Scams targeting ASIC customers.

Find out more:

Were you in the dark?

Don’t forget if you suffered losses from the power outage a couple of weeks ago, make sure to lodge a claim with Western Power. You have up to 60 days from when the power came back on.

There are possibly two claims forms to investigate.

For loss of goods there is a damage claim form. You need to note down the items lost and the rough cost of these.

If it was in addition out for more than 12 hours, there is the extended outage payment scheme form. This is the standard payment of $80.00.

Also, it is worth noting in the the event that a claim is unsuccessful with Western Power and you want to apply to your insurance, your insurance company will want confirmation from Western Power that a recorded outage occurred on that date. Either way you will need to go through the claims process. The links are here:

Morley Drive & Tonkin disruption 17 ~ 20 Feb

The heavy rain last week put a halt to the planned road works at Morley drive.

They are now promising to carry out the works this weekend.  Be prepared!! Expect speed restrictions on the Tonkin (which will stay open) but slimmed down to one lane each way.

Morley Drive will be closed in the vicinity of the Tonkin Hwy for the whole weekend.  Diversions for traffic is mapped out here

Over the weekend the contractors will build a bypass for Morley Drive. This will allow the construction of the huge roundabout which will be the new connection for Morley Drive to the Tonkin Hwy.

The details are as follows: 8pm Friday 17 February to 5am Monday 20 February

  • Morley Drive closed between Crimea Street and Beechboro Road North (left-in left-out access to local residents only).
  • Tonkin Highway will remain open with a single lane in each direction. Access to Tonkin Highway will be available at Benara and Collier Roads.
  • Bus services on Morley Drive between Crimea Street and Beechboro Road North will be impacted. For more information visit the Transperth website or call the Transperth InfoLine on 13 62 13.

Please plan ahead and allow extra travel time as delays are expected. Signed detours will be in place, and speed limits are reduced within the construction zone. For alternative routes and road impacts see or call 1800 748 642.