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Digital is huge. There are posts generated from Federal Gov’t activities and the NBN, there are posts on local businesses doing things with digital technology, there are posts generated from what is happening O/S in the digital field.

NBN “Progress Report”

NBN 2015Many of you are wondering whatever happened to the roll out to the optic fibre here in Bassendean, otherwise known as the National Broadband Network.  Unfortunately, the short answer is “not much”

Performing a quick check on their roll out map resulted in the image on the right here, stating the rollout has not started in Bassendean.

At a presentation in June I was informed Bassendean was “still being designed”. They stated the roll out will commence in 18 months and be completed in 24 months.

As has been widely reported in the press there has been a complete overhaul at NBN.  The key executives have been replaced and the whole programme has been revised. The result for business is that we will be offered a “Multi Tech Mix”.

A “Multi Tech Mix” means, instead of previously promising “fixed line to the premises” to all customers, the NBN will be delivered in three options depending on which is easiest and least complicated. The three options are: “fibre to the node”, “fixed wireless”, and “fibre to the premises”.  For the majority of Bassendean it will most probably be “fibre to the node”.  A “Node” refers to a cabinet which looks like an electrical box.  It is about waist high and will be tucked away on the side of the street and each one will serve approximately 200 premises. The guaranteed speed is 25 mbs (minimum). The current average is 6-7mbs, so this is a four fold improvement.  Additionally, “fibre to the node” is much quicker to install, (just six months to complete the whole area) and accordingly, much more affordable.

An independent website “MyNBN” offers more detail of the full project for Bassendean.

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to try and answer them or forward them on to NBN for answers.


Digital Disruption V’s Digital Readiness

Digital Printing-arAs the Digital Revolution rumbles on it is becoming patently clear that no section of our community will miss out! There is uncertainty and worry in lots of different industries and others still believe it won’t impact on them. A razor sharp video from Deloittes here pin points what the Disruption will look like and where it will occur (Hint: right across our community and economy).

The Australian Smart Communities Association holds a bi-monthly Online Seminar and on Wednesday, 24 June its dwells on the positives and opportunities that Digital Disruption holds.

In the first part of the seminar, using both Australian and international examples attendees will learn about two entrepreneurs who turned a simple idea into a very profitable business. In the second part of the seminar attendees will learn how 3D printing can be used in a variety of ways and benefit a variety of industries.

This is a great opportunity to learn a little more about what is available to use now and what is just over the horizon. It is the time to bring digital activities into your business and turn the disruption into positives.

For more information go to their web site here.

Cost is $40 and it commences at 8.50am and goes through to 11.00am (10.50 – 1.00pm AEST).

For a high cost economy like Australia, the advent of the digital economy is the best thing that could have happened.  3D technology is just one advancement to emerge in the last few years, there are many more and there will be many more in the future. Start your education at this forum and catch a flavour of the opportunities that lie ahead.

NBN Rollout in Bassendean

NBN logoNBN Co today issued its quarterly update to the national rollout plan. An additional 79,000 homes and businesses in Western Australia are being added to the rollout of the National Broadband Network.
New areas that have been added to the rollout include all of Bassendean, including Eden Hill and Ashfield, parts of Hilton and Kingsley.Additional locations have also been identified in the regions.

The quarterly construction plan provides an indicative schedule that includes work already underway or in plan to commence before quarter end September 2016 and covers more than 368,000 Western Australian homes and businesses in total.
The expansion of the rollout is achieved through the company’s new, flexible multi-technology approach.  According to thier media release, this means that for most households and businesses:

  • If already served by the Optus or Telstra Hybrid Fibre Coaxial (HFC) cable networks ¡V these areas will likely receive fast broadband over an upgraded HFC network;
  • If in an area where NBN fibre to the premises (FTTP) has been deployed or is in advanced stages of being built – these areas will likely remain part of the FTTP rollout;
  • If in areas earmarked for NBN fixed wireless or satellite networks – these areas will remain part of the fixed wireless and satellite rollout plan;
  • If in other areas – these areas are likely to receive fibre to the node deployment (FTTN) and, in the case of multi-dwelling units such as apartment blocks, fibre to the basement (FTTB).

The Town has had direct conversation with Peter burney NBN Community Affairs Manager and he’s offered to provide greater detail on the specifics which relate to Bassendean.  We intend to take him up on this in the next couple of weeks.

Measuring Your Online Success

digital metrics You know your web site is a digital shop and like a real bricks and mortar shop you want to know who is visiting, who has been looking around and showing an interest in your stuff.

Web metrics tells you all you need to know.

And once you know who has been looking and where they’ve come from you can make improvements to your web site to turn those lookies from just looking to actually buying something.

  • This session will provide you with the tools to measure the success of your online efforts.
  • You will learn to determine what kind of information you would like to collect from your online customers
  • Practical tools explained include Google Analytics and the key metrics designed to measure the overall number of visitors to your site, their geographic location, how they found you and the all-important ‘bounce rate’.

Make sure you’re there:

  • Venue: Bassendean Memorial Library
  • Date & Time:     Thursday, 12 February 20155.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Cost:      FREE* (this workshop is funded by the Australian Government Dept of Communications)
  • Registration: Here

SEO and Online Optimisation

search-engine-optimisation sqSEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the essential partner to all the work you do in making your web site look good and attractive.  When you have made your web site easy to navigate, mobile friendly, when it is right up to date and your visitors can buy online, then you need to make sure that you’ve got the SEO tweeked to the maximum.

Find out how you can manage this and reap the rewards you are due! Register your attendence here

What can I buy On-Line?

online shopping sqOnline activity is essentially a retail thing. It isn’t only retail but the big one is that industry and it’s growing at 40% per annum.

The next Digital Workshop in the Bassendean library deals with exactly this.   This two hour (free) workshop will show you how to make it easy for your customers to buy online from you by setting up an eStore with convenient payment and delivery options.

The presenter, Adam Guerin will demonstrate how to setup an online store, integrate an online payment system and how to automate your internal business processes so you can make money while you sleep.

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have from a butcher to hairdresser you need to be online.  Don’t miss this great opportunity. Register here

Digital Impact

Digital ImpactHow much is Digital Technology impacting on our lives and on Commercial activity in particular?

Take a look at the graphic (Courtesy-John Sheridan, Digital Business Insights) which shows so well how since 2010 the technology has encroached and affected virtually everything we do in our daily lives.

And when the ABS announces that 8% of retail is online and analysis from Ayaz Nanji of what we’re buying turned up:

  • Consumer electronics – 69%
  • Books – 67%
  • Clothing and Apparel – 63%
  • Household goods – 38%
  • Office supplies – 30%

And another survey from PWC found as follows:

  • Consumer Electronics – 62%
  • Clothing and apparel – 61%
  • Books and magazines – 52%
  • Recreational goods – 47%
  • Pharmaceuticals – 31%

It is time to look at how your business is responding to Digital.

Conveniently, there is a Digital Biz Workshop happening (for Free) in the Library on Thursday’s. This Thursday (1`1 December) is devoted to the business web site. Follow the links to register.

Customers behaviour with digital technology . . . . . . .

  1. DigBiz Shop sqI can find information instantly… I can do it anywhere, anytime…
  2. I want it now…but decide in my own time. I will say no!
  3. I am busy… but I check things out… and I will walk away.
  4. I buy when I am ready…you don’t sell… I make my own decisions.
  5. I want you to listen to me…I switch allegiance…quickly and easily.
  6. I ignore online advertising (92%)*… but look for third party reviews and ratings!
  7. I talk to others…and complain to them if something goes wrong.

The Customer has changed how are you responding? The free Digital Workshops in the Bassendean Library started on Thursday and will continue through to February 2015

Look for the details here and ensure you can respond effectively to the change in customer behaviour.

*Adobe Research 2013

eBiz Foundations

DigBizWa flowers sq.jpgWould you like to be able to work on the go using your mobile?

“eBiz Foundations” is the opening workshop (2 hours) of our nine “DigitalBizWA” workshop series. It will demystify the jargon being used in the online world and help you to make better use of your mobile devices when you’re away from your desk?

Over the nine workshops our trainer Adam Guerin will take you in his experienced hands on a virtual journey to far flung and exotic destinations.  With his support and mentoring you will create a plan of attack to get a hold of the “Digital Genie” and turn it from being an expense to your business and start adding value to your product.

This very popular course and the highly regarded speakers will stretch your knowledge be you a novice or an expert. The course will conclude in February 2015.

DigBizThere is no charge to attend any workshop, but you are requested to register.

DigitalBizWA for FULL DETAILS (dates and topics for each workshop)

BOOK NOW (It’s Free)


DigitalBizWA in Bassendean.

Dig Biz Courses-BassendeanThe Digital Enterprise Program is group training and face to face support to help improve the way you do business and deliver services online.

And all of this training, including the face-to-face mentoring, is completely FREE!

This 9 week series covers topics ranging from social media and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to building a website and measuring your online impact.

The workshops cater for all levels of experience and will leave you with practical steps to start improving your online presence straight away. More importantly, every attendee is eligible for 4 hours of on-one-one mentoring which is where you can get expert, tailored advice on how to apply your new skills to your business.

A new series starting in the Town of Bassendean Memorial Library on Thursday 27th Nov 2014 @ 5.30pm – you can register for any or all of the workshops. Visit for more information and to register. You can also contact Beth Caniglia at for additional details.

All of the topics planned:

  1. Measuring Your Online Success
  2. eBiz Foundations
  3. ABCs of eCommerce
  4. Design Your Digital Roadmap
  5. SEO: Online Optimisation
  6. The Business Website
  7. Social Media: Why and How?
  8. CRM in the Cloud
  9. Mastering Mobile Business