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Social Media for Branding & PR

Set aside an hour and further your knowledge on social media for business.

A free webinar will be held 10.30am (WA time), 19 July by Entrepreneurs Programme (Federal Government Industry, Innovation & Science)

Social Media is a whole different beast when it comes to business. You need to reset your approach.  You need to be strict in developing and keeping it going and simultaneously loose a lot of the formal talk that business usually requires.

But the rewards are there for the taking.  While social media is an evolving and moving feast it has maintained it’s unique ability to invigorate established brands and bring spontaneity to what may otherwise be dull and distant.

This webinar is one of a series all on Social Media being planned over the next six to nine months. Check them out here and see which ones appeal to you.

New Business Database

The Town is going all out to update the database we have for businesses operating across the Town.  We are literally going out to all the “bricks and mortar” premises. We are visiting all the factories and all the shops in the main precincts of Eden Hill, Ashfield and Bassendean.

But for all you home based operators that’s not so easy.  For most of you there are no signs on the road to say where you are.

But we don’t want you to miss out so, the survey is available to you to fill out on-line – HERE.


As a minimum, the survey will update our database which was originally developed in 2010.  The directory on this web site came from then too and is now well out of date.

The survey asks your opinions and recommendations around running a business.  This helps us to evaluate how you are travelling and learn what are the big hurdles that you are challenged with. It could lead to pulling together a business group, or getting people with similar interests to get together, or we could use it to drive a shared working space somewhere in the Town and there are many more benefits which will emerge over the coming months and years.


Understanding Designs webinar

Bassendean, Ashfield and Eden Hill boast many businesses operating in the design field. In June, IP Australia is holding an introductory workshop via webinar where they will be focusing on designs, and an awareness of how to protect your product with a registered design.

You will also learn the basics of IP and gain an understanding of the design application process.

TIME: At 11:00am AEST (9.00am Perth time) on Thursday 15 June 2017 where

More information and registration: Available here

Creating Brand Energy

How do you show up in your marketplace?

What is your Brand Personality – the unique attitude, tone and style of everything you do? And what value do you offer?

The sheer volume of publicity and marketing which we face everyday is staggering.  As a business owner, how do you connect with your customers? Everything you see today promotion, advertising, marketing, positioning, publicity revolves around your brand.

And there is a lot written about branding.

Come along to a unique morning with Cath Sutherland of Conscious Business. See how you can answer all of these questions through her unique process and how you can start applying these to your organisation.

For more information or to register online:

A half-day workshop hosted by FACET (Forum Advocating Cultural & Eco Tourism)* @ $110.00/$145 (Mem/Non Mem).

*Although hosted by FACET, the workshop is not restricted to tourism related businesses. This workshop is valuable to all types of business.


The “Art of the Deal” for social capitalists

Amy Carter-James, leading Social Entrepreneur

In the Trump world “the deal’ is an economic outcome – full stop – period. For Social Capitalists however there’s more. They generate profit to further social and environmental goals as well.

Social enterprises are businesses that invest in community. Rather than maximising private profit, they want to make the world – or at least their community – a better place.

In the present climate this might sound idealistic, yet it is estimated that Social enterprise activity constitutes 2- 3% of GDP,  that there are 20,000 social enterprises operating in Australia alone and this number has grown at a rate of 37% over the past 5 years. Other research (Nielsen) found that 50% of people are willing to pay more “to companies who give back”.

Gene Hardy, Cape to Cape Tours

Australian social entrepreneurs operate in all markets from the local to the international and in all sectors.

If this stimulates your interest check out this workshop by FACET happening on 5th April.  Featuring a broad range of international and local social entrepreneurs including globally recognised social entrepreneur Amy Carter-James and Gene Hardy of Cape to Cape Tours and many others.

The workshop is designed present experience and share knowledge to empower you to use it in your business.

Event Details

  • Giving Back: Tourism Social Entrepreneurship
  • 9.00am – 5.00pm, 5 April 2017
  • Matilda Bay on the River, Crawley
  • $260 pp.
  • Full details and registration here

Low Carbon Future Seminar


Minimising carbon production is not just good for the planet but also where future business opportunities can be found.

Come along to this two hour seminar with valuable speakers including Peter Newman, Curtin University on Auto Dependent Cities and Dermot Costello, Clean Energy Council presenting on Battery storage and
alternative energy initiatives.

  • DATE: Friday, 28 October 2016
  • TIME: 9.30am to 11.30am
  • LOCATION: EMRC, 226 Great Eastern Highway, Belmont 6104
  • RSVP: By Friday 21 October 2016
    • by email or phone 9424 2216
  • COST: Free

a good business decision Transport and Alternative Energy for a Low Carbon Future

Introduction to Social Media

Business StationEveryone is part of it but how many of us really know how to use it?

Once, you wouldn’t dream of starting a business without a phone, that’s now been replaced by a social media presence.

Follow the links here to register for a a free two hour workshop at Bassendean Memorial Library, 17th November 2015.

This seminar is arranged through Business Station and the Business Local Scheme which was recently launched by the Small Business Development Corporation.

Whims, Notions, Impulses, Desires, Fads, Moods, Fancies (The Customer)

shoe shopAssumptions, we all do them, right? And in our businesses we make a lot of assumptions.

We make our assumptions because we’ve got our degree, or because we’ve got experience, or because that’s just tradition. . . .

But how much do we test them and more importantly how often do we test them?

This thought was generated after receiving my daily email from Bernadette Jiwa and the Story of Telling. Bernadette leads a crusade with a singular message: The customer is the guiding light for retail business success. The frustrating thing about customers though is they’re not all the same and worse is they don’t stay the same.

The core of her technique is: talk to your customer, listen to them and get to know them.

Customers have vagaries. They have attitudes, wishes, ideas, philosophies, values. And these influence their day. These influence how much they’re going to spend and where they’re going to spend it.

Consider subscribing to the Story of Telling emails. The brief emails will help guide you in how to talk to your customers. To get you going here’s a list (Courtesy of the SBDC) of ideas for Small Business retailers and looking after customers.

My Markets Forum

My Markets SqIf you own a pub, or a medical centre, a hair salon, a beauty salon, a book shop, a charity shop, or if you operate tourism train excursions, or you are a politician, a restaurateur, a real estate agent, a news agent, a chemist, a butcher then sign up for this. This forum will help you take a fresh look at the Old Perth Road Markets. It will seed ideas to generate extra sales and make the benefits last longer than just the time the markets are operating.

  • When:                  6.00pm, Tue 26 May 2015
  • Where:                Westpac Bassendean (On the corner of Old Perth Rd and West Rd)
  • Cost:                      $25.00 (+$1.61 booking fee)
  • Presenter:          Juliet Borshoff, Principal of Design Merchants
  • Catering:             Light supper and refreshments included
  • Flier and Registration: Please click here.

The Old Perth Road Markets have been running for over four year. They feature 65 to 100 stalls and attract 2,000 to 6,000 visitors primarily from a 5km radius of the Town. Research has shown that a significant attraction of the markets is the atmosphere. And the atmosphere is a combination of the individual stalls, the entertainment and the street and shops.

While only one section of the Old Perth Road hosts the markets, operators up and down the street can take advantage of them.  Flier can be downloaded here

Calling all Bike friendly cafes

bike friendlyThe Perth Autumn Festival is in full swing and it involves a range of activities from markets through to shows and small community activities.  They are all promoted professionally under the banner of the Perth Autumn Festival.

This year there is a strong push to promote push bikes! And if your cafe or restaurant is bike friendly – get on the web site and get some free publicity.

Attached is the logo that will be associated with bikefriendly cafes and events. You will see this symbol on the Perth’s Autumn Festival flyer. At the Markets this Sunday their portable bicycle racks and bikefriendly banners will be on display and a bike maintenance course will be offered at a discount price of just $10.00.

To be considered bikefriendly a café or restaurant must:

  1. Have suitable and ample bike parking close to the café
  2. Must not have dress code that excludes people on bikes (i.e. exercise attire)

To add your cafe or restaurant as a bikefriendly cafe please email a photo of your bicycle parking to