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Re-New OPR goes into marketing, business initiatives and much more. But all of these initiaitves link to Old Perth Road.

Think Small First: Small Business Day, Saturday 28 October 2017.

This statewide movement is gaining momentum.  Designed to raise awareness about small business in Western Australia. They are the lifeblood and heart of what makes our local communities great. This is about celebrating our passionate entrepreneurs, butchers, mechanics, artists, accountants, gardeners, interior designers, foodies, personal trainers and more.

Without small business, a community doesn’t thrive.  Without small business, our economy would not survive.  Small business are a huge part of our life.

There are more than 210,000 small businesses in WA which encompasses a massive 97 per cent of ALL businesses in the state.  Small businesses employ nearly half of ALL jobs in Western Australia.

Impressive right?

It’s time to celebrate these things and remind ourselves to think small first.  It’s a great time to get involved.

Step 1.  On Saturday 28 October make the decision to do all your shopping at small businesses.

Step 2.  Think beyond 28 October 2017!

The way we shop influences what is available to shop in.  How do you normally shop?  Small businesses keep the large and global corporations more competitive.  When a small business disappears – so does our diversity and variety.  We can’t afford that.  Instead of shopping at a large business, how about shopping at an independent store or a small business?


Step 1.  Join the movement.  Upload your logo or photo on our supporter wall here.

Step 2.  Let’s get loud!  Download a poster and stick on your business window – help communicate why small businesses are important to our community!  You can also download an e-signature and other materials to use here.

On 28 October 2017!

Step 1.  Take a photo and post on our Small Business Matters Facebook page or tweet it – and go in the draw to win a fantastic prize (to be announced).  Use the tag #smallbizwa

What’s the Dream Bassendean?

WTDBOn Wednesday 17th September, a group of passionate people are gathering at the Bassendean Hotel to hatch a plan which could change the face of Bassendean.

With a working title of “What’s the Dream Bassendean?”, they’re wanting to create a massive mural from lots of separate pieces which have each been created by members of the community. It’s a mosaic on a really big scale. Depending on the support they get it will decide how big it will be and where it will be.

They got the idea partly from a similar project which was done in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. And their reason for doing it is partly driven because of the proposed amalgamation of the local governments and the possibility of Bassendean being swallowed up.

These ladies want to preserve a little of what Bassendean means to the community and residents. The “Dream Bassendean” is both now and into the future and we feel it links in really well with the aim of Re-New Old Perth Road and (and on facebook).

It is intended that the final pieces will be put together into a large physical display on backboard mountings for installation in a prominent position in the Town of Bassendean. The individual images might be drawn, painted, or photos and then all assembled into an overall image representing “What is the Dream Bassendean”.

It is possible to present the mural in soft form using computer graphics for display of the mural overall as well as a rolling display of the art of individual participants. Products can include posters of the overall mural and individual art of participants in paper and LED forms.

There will be opportunities for business to participate in the mural as well as prospects for sponsorship – for example following the artistic theme aprons and tea towels with sponsoring local businesses contact information in a word cloud formation.

A meeting, will be at The Bassendean Hotel on Wednesday 17th September 2014  5.30-6.30pm.  This will be a Show and Tell to groups who have already expressed interest in the concept. This gathering will also seek to gain traction to move things to the next stage.

If you are keen to find out more or to participate in some way come along to the Bassendean Hotel on Wednesday 17th at 5.30pm.

To register your attendance email Alison Gilchrist –

Daisy & Rowe

Jackie and Julie8sqqMore excitement and anticipation I can barely cope with but this is what we must control as we await the opening of a new independent outlet in the real heart of Bassendean!

Julie Fazey and Jacqui Finck are refurbishing the entire premises from under the floor boards to the ceiling, from the front door to the back in what will be a chic emporium for local artists all the way through to Fair Trade imports from the four corners of the world.   While running an independent lifestyle store is a tough business, these two local daughters of style are having a ball and are preparing to give Bassendean the full treatment. (more…)

First Impressions Count

Workshop profile pic

Have you ever wanted to create and maintain an inspirational store experience?

First Impressions Count is the aptly titled forum on Visual Merchandising which is being presented on Monday 24 March.

The Town is hosting this forum for the benefit of all our retailers at the Bassendean Hotel and it’s sure to spark lots of ideas.

Our presenter is Juliet Borshoff, of Design Merchants.  She is a very experienced Visual Merchandiser who has worked for over 16 years with leading Australian and International brands.Flier Juliet also is a local, based in Bayswater she has both a knowledge of and a fondness for Bassendean and in particular Old Perth Road.

The forum is being made available free of charge but you must register please. You can register to attend this forum on line here. Download the flier here.

But we also know that each business has its own unique challenges, so that’s why we are extending the services which Juliet can offer by subsidising a 1 hour individual audit of your retail outlet. Take the opportunity to request Juliet to visit you premises where she can see your place and offer her creative ideas and suggestiions to make it stand out for customers. You’ll be able to register with her at the Forum.

Register on line here.



Who’s painting the wall at 42 OPR? (Day 182 Re-New Old Perth Road)

Eagle eyed residents will have noticed some odd goings on at the corner of Wilson St and Old Perth Road.

A couple of weeks ago our contract painter Steve Findlay fixed up the wall at 42 Old Perth Road in preparation for Nami to commence a mural and some new urban art.

What’s followed (more…)

Who Said That? Street Exhibition & Quiz

Graphic Arts students at the Cyril Jackson Senior Campus, Ashfield are currently exhibiting 19 posters in a range of shops on Old Perth Rd titled “Who Said That?”

But this is an exhibition with a difference! (more…)

Goodbye Nugget!

Nugget PolishMandy Godfrey a keen town activation enthusiast snapped what will probably be the last photo of this vintage mural advert for Nugget Polish which has graced the wall of Hedgehogs Cafe for a long long time.

Now that the walls have gone up for the apartment development at 85 Old Perth Road this advert is entombed and who knows if it will see the light of day again.

But as our Manager of Library services told me, while we have a number of very good photos of this little advert which are recorded in our historical records for prosterity, the advert has already outlived a development which covered it when the Squash Courts went up on the 85 Old Perth Rd site in the 70’s and it was hidden until they were knocked down in 2008.  So you can never say never!

Mural Adverts were very common in the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s and we have found a number of web sites devoted to highlighting them and trying to preserve them.  Nugget Polish was widely advertised in this way.

So you’re working from home?

crochet treesYou will already be well aware that we’re bringing some fresh vitality to the town centre in Bassendean.  And we’ve had some wins, especially on the stretch between Guildford Rd and Wilson St on Old Perth Road.

We’re now also looking at tackling the vacant shops and working with the landlords on new and alternative leasing and letting arrangements.

We recently approached one of the landlords and discussed offering vacant premises out for one month licences at a time. (more…)

How to be a localist – a video.

At the Show & Tell evening, guests were shown a short video produced by BALLE (Business Alliance for Local Living Economies), an american volunteer group which is striving to create the same positive and optimisitc mindset to nurture new business and attract investment as we are on Old Perth Road.

Busking ~ Outdoor Gallery ~ Yes Minister?

So who’s going to follow now with new projects for Re-New Old Perth Rd?? Who is going to be the next Sensationalist?

Jim & Leigh fdrom the Bassendean Hotel are hoping to start weekly markets in their car park.

Jim & Leigh from the Bassendean Hotel are enthusiastic about the street.

Here is the list we compiled after the Show & Tell night.

  • An Out Door Gallery – perhaps on the wall of the Chinese restaurant.
  • Planting the centre verge with shrubs and interesting plants.
  • Coordinated themed Shop windows and shop fronts.
  • Install WiFi hotspots in some of the shops
  • Hold a Busking Event – the Bassendean Hotel is keen on this one.
  • The Bassendean Hotel are also keen to establish weekly growers markets. They recruited two volunteers on the night to help them.
  • The Bassendean Hotel is putting planters out the front to soften the image up a little.
  • Jim and Leigh from the hotel have also started a loyalty card, and are expanding it to include other businesses.  (more…)