Lodging a Planning Application

Plans & Specifications to provide

The details to be provided with your Planning/ Development Application (DA) are largely dependent on the scope of works proposed, but as a minimum you should provide Three copies of the Building plans and Site plans.

For a Building Application (BA) of new dwellings and substantial additions the following plans and specifications are typically required(please note, if providing a certified application the required information will be largely determined by your registered Building Surveyor):
  1. Site plan to a minimum scale of 1:200 showing contours and/or spotlevels, proposed finished floor levels, existing buildings and allrelevant setbacks (3 copies).
  2. Floor plan(s) to a minimum scale of 1:100 (3 copies).
  3. Elevation plan(s) to a minimum scale of 1:100 showing all external elevations for the proposed works (3 copies).
  4. A cross sectional elevation of the building to a minimum scale of 1:100 (2 copies).
  5. Structural details including a site classification report, footing and slab design, timber/steel framing details, and where relevant retaining wall details, stair details and upper floor construction details (engineer’s certification to be provided where required by the Town) (2 copies).
  6. Details addressing energy efficiency compliance (2 copies).
  7. Specifications (2 copies).
  8. Termite treatment details (2 copies).
  9. Indemnity insurance certificate (applications exceeding $20,000 with a registered builder as licensee) (1 copy per dwelling).

The Town may exempt the provision of certain details outlined above, or permit them to be provided in varied forms, depending on the circumstances. Occasionally applicants will be required to provide additional information. It will often be the case that the Town cannot advise that these details are required until an initial assessment has been conducted

  1. Building Permit application fee – 0.19% of the estimated value of the building work, but not less than $90.
  2. Certificate of Design Compliancefee – 0.13% of the estimated value of the building work in addition to fee (1) above (foruncertified applications only).
  3. Building Services Levy – $40.50 if the value of the works is not more than $45,000, otherwise at the rate of 0.09% of the value of the works.
  4. BCITF Levy – 0.2% of the estimated value for works exceeding $20,000.
  5. Security Bond – $1600 or $60 per metre of street frontage, whichever is greater.
Assessment Turnaround Times
The Building Act prescribes strict deadlines that Local Governments must adhere to where an applicationfor a Building Permit is concerned. Those deadlines are as follows:
  1. An uncertified application for a Building Permit – 25 business days.
  2. A certified application for a Building Permit – 10 business days

The Town will either issue a permit within the times specified above or issue advice outlining why an approval cannot be granted.