Working from Home

Polinate smThe Town encourages working from home and home based occupations. It is recognised that they contribute to the local economy, help with passive survellance and naturally they generate employment.

The Local Planning Scheme identifies five activities carried out within or from home: Home Office, Home Occupation, Home Business, Home Store and Industry – Cottage.

A “Home Office” can exist as a right, you do not need a permit for it.  For the others you need to apply to the Town for a permit.

Establishing and running a business from home

  1. Equilibrium smIf you are thinking of starting a business and you’ve got approval from the rest of the family, discuss your plans with the Economic Development Officer and/or Development Services Officers before you lodge your application and ensure you avoid all possible pitfalls. They will let you know whether a permit is needed for some, or all, aspects of your business
  2. Key to the requirements is minimising the impact on the comfort and enjoyment of the area for your neighbours. So talk to your neighbours and let them know what you want to do. Encourage them to let you know if there is some issue that bothers them. This includes, cars parked in front of your place, getting deliveries early in the morning or late in the evening, noise levels at certain times of the day and so on.
  3. Complete an “Approval to Commence Development Form 1” (Write “Home Occupation/Home Business” in the description of proposal) and provide all required information and adequately describe the nature of the business with supporting material. Information that may be required might include – area requirements, number of employees and patrons, operating hours, transport and parking needs (including use of street trading) and any off-site effects such as odour, noise and general image. Go beyond just plans, include letters/reports, or even photographs that describe your business precisely

A step by step approach for the process to acquire the necessary documents can be found under the Tab “Lodging a Planning Application” including a list of Planning Approval exemptions.

Please also download this Development Services Information Sheet which explains the definitions or you can consult the Local Planning Scheme and search for Home Businesses and Occupations (Page 83 & 84). .

If the activity you are cooking up involves food preperation at home here’s a flier to read and it points out the relevant regulations.

The Town held an all day forum “Solo Endeavours” for Home based and Small businesses.  Videos of the presenters is available here.