Localism and the Town of Bassendean

The Town has spent the last few months researching and writing a whole new business support strategy.  And one of the things to come from this research has been a discussion paper on Localism.  Localism is associated with a range of ideas from economic, social and other perspectives, including: buying local, locally produced food, local business investment, local education, local culture and stories and local entrepreneurship.

For the Town of Bassendean, localism will be what the local community decides it will be.  You can read the whole discussion paper here.

The Town is seeking out local groups and organisations in the area like the Bassendean Business Association to develop this further and to really make it shine in 2018.

First, de-escalate

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Special thanks to Seth Godin – author of this sage advice…

It’s very difficult to reason with someone if their hair is on fire.  Customer service (whether you’re a school principal, a call center or a consultant) can’t begin until the person you’re working with believes that you’re going to help them put out the fire on their head.

Basic principles worth considering. . . . . . . .  .

The first promises kept are hints that you will keep future promises. Putting people on endless hold, bad voice trees, live chat that isn’t actually live, an uncomfortable chair in the waiting room, a nasty receptionist, unclear directions to your office, bad line management… all of these things escalate stress and decrease trust.

Don’t underestimate the power of a good sign, a take-a-number deli machine and a thoughtful welcome.

Don’t deny that the customer/patient/student has a problem. If they think they have a problem, they have a problem. It might be that your job is to help them see (over time) that the thing that’s bothering them isn’t actually a problem, but denying the problem doesn’t de-escalate it.

Leave the legal arguments at home. It’s entirely possible that your terms of service or fine print or HIPA or lawyers have come up with some sort of clause that prevents you from solving the problem the way the customer wants it solved. You can’t do anything about that. But bringing it up now, in this moment of escalation, merely makes the problem worse.

The goal is to open doors, not close them. (more…)

Four-day closure of Collier Road 12 – 17 January 2018

The final leg of road construction for Collier Rd with the NorthlinkWA project will be happening this weekend!  This will involve building of two roundabouts on Collier Road and opening up the on and off-ramps from the Tonkin Highway.

On completion, Tonkin Highway will transform to a freeway with six lanes and traffic will become free-flowing with the removal of traffic lights at Collier Road, Morley Drive and Benara Road.

Construction of the roundabouts will require a closure of Collier Road as follows: 7pm Friday 12 January to 5am Wednesday 17 January. 

The roundabouts will have only one lane in each direction.  They will be temporary. You can see here for the animation of what the final layout will look like. 

Diversions will be in place and can be viewed here

It’s been a big year . . looking forward to 2018

This year has passed in record time and we will soon be into January.

2018 Refresh

At the top of the list, we are planning a refresh of BassendeanMeansBusiness web site.  Assisting us to do some of the ground work we recently had the good fortune to work with local university student – Sally Leavy.  Sally a third year at Notre Dame, Fremantle is completing a double degree in Commerce (Economics) and Politics (International Relations). She put in two weeks as an intern sifting through mountains of data from the ABR, distilling it down to integrate into the latest business directory and email database.  This data really helps in featuring the new operators, those starting out, those working from home and helps to build networks and bring the right people together.

2018 Localism 

Talking about bringing people together I recently met up with some members of the Bassendean Business Association over breakfast and I’m looking forward to supporting them in 2018.

A part of that support will hopefully be at the Festival of Local Business.  This event is just beginning to take shape and will happen in April.  It aims to put our community of businesses and entrepreneurs on the map in a very special way. The idea of the festival came out of the Digital Business Marketing Strategy (2018) which will be officially presented to the new Economic Development Committee when it first meets in the new year.  But you can get a sneak preview here.  The new Economic Development Committee is currently looking for members.  If you want to be part of it please nominate yourself here and make sure your hat is in the ring.

2018 Optimism

The economic and financial outlook for 2018 is positive overall.  A just published Quarterly Economic Commentary from Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre (BCEC) offers excellent objective insight into the expectations both social and commercial for 2018.  Great reading when you can separate yourself from your domestic duties this holiday.

Original & Free

And finally, as a start up business where your cash is tight and image is everything.  The biggest place where your customers find you and make a decision on whether to trust you or put their time in to check you out is of course your website.  That is the centre of your publicity.  A major element are the photos and images which are displayed.

Here is a link to 25 websites of original free stocks photos   These thousands of photos are free to download. They just ask you to acknowledge the photographer when you use the image (just like we have with the image above). The images are unique and different from the standard free stock photos.

Wishing you a safe and happy holiday.  Looking forward to 2018 and growing our local economy.

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The State of Startups – insights and highlights

Here in Bassendean we’re supporting startups at every opportunity.  Recently we attended the State of Startups at City of Perth.  Our own Dave Kelly MLA as the Minister for ICT & Innovation; Science, opened the event and was followed by presentations from Techboard, StartupMuster, StartupAUS, and eGroup.

Minister Kelly began his presentation cleverly comparing the State Government’s first twelve months in office and startup life – “full of ideas but no money, the classic definition of a startup”. With a focus on initiatives that are likely to create West Australian jobs, the Minister provided further updates on the Government’s New Industries Fund.

You can read more about it here.

This was followed by presentations from the co-founders of Techboard and StartupMuster, the CEO of StartupAUS and Chairperson of StartupWA. Highlights from their panel discussion included:

  • Andrew Outhwaite reiterating the value of data collection, evaluation and mapping of ecosystem growth; and encouraging everyone to keep paying it forward – “whatever we can do to collaborate and increase the likelihood of startups and founders getting the support they need”.
  • Peter van Bruchem advocating for more visibility and sharing – not just raw data, but also startups’ stories “to encourage and enable others to achieve what they might not otherwise have been able to achieve”.
  • Monica Wulff’s challenge to the whole startup community to take our story mainstream, highlighting the globally-scaleable businesses we build, and how they are going to benefit Australia in the long-term – “change the narrative, tell your stories loudly and proudly”
  • Alex McCauley on the importance of connectedness – not just within spaces and local communities, but across states and the whole nation.


Small Business Health Program

Are you a small business owner with plans to grow your business in 2018? 

Bankwest’s Small Business Health program developed in collaboration with the Small Business Development Corporation and Business Foundations, aims to provide specialised support on critical business skills.  The program will enhance the financial capability and personal resilience of small business owners who are ready to grow their business.

To help Bankwest pilot this program, they are inviting small business owners who are on the cusp of growing their business to participate for free.

What you’ll get:

  1. A program valued at $2,500 to help you focus on 4 key areas considered necessary for successful growth:  (Business Planning for Growth, Protecting your Business, Marketing (with a focus on digital), Human Resources
  2. Receive 3 personal coaching sessions to apply learnings to your business
  3. Share ideas and learn from other small business owners at the same stage of growth
  4. Opportunity to provide feedback, help refine and shape the program for future small businesses

Program timings

Participants will need to attend 4 or 5 consecutive sessions as outlined below.  If you are based in Bassendean or the surrounding area you are considered Perth Metro and the format will be Face to Face and the session timings will be

  • Session 1-15 February
  • Session 2 – 8 March
  • Session 3 – 27 March
  • Session 4 – 19 April
  • Session 5 – 10 May



CCI-WA and CEBA Sundowner

The chief economist Rick Newnham of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, will be visiting our region for a sundowner.  With a reputation for succinct analysis and a growing legion of fans Rick possesses a comprehensive knowledge of the economy.

Under the stewardship of Rick, CCI WA are front and centre in advocating for WA businesses and industry including Tax reform, GST re-distribution, payroll tax and much more.

Event Details:

  • Date: Thursday, 16 November 2017
  • Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm
  • Venue: The Embleton Room, City of Bayswater
  • Catering: Drinks & Canapes
  • Cost: Free
  • Registration: Here (including back ground information about this event and about the speaker)
  • For any queries, please contact the CCI events team: E: functions@cciwa.com  T: 08 9365 7500

Climate Innovators ~ Climathon Bassendean 27/10/17

Bassendean has stepped up to the challenge and along with Berlin, Budapest, Athens, Brooklyn, Sydney, Canberra, Washington, Warsaw and over 70 other cities we will explore innovative ideas for sustainable business, technology solutions, community behaviour and other insights on local renewable energy production.

Cities and towns have a significant role to play in tackling climate change by becoming more energy efficient, increasing reliance on renewable energy, and moving to more sustainable modes of transport. Already, investments in renewable energy worth millions of dollars are being rolled out across Australia by businesses, local councils and community groups.

This Climathon challenge aims to develop ideas for how the residents, businesses and community in the Town of Bassendean can contribute to Australia’s climate change target to reduce emissions by 26-28% on 2005 levels by 2030 through innovative renewable energy practices.

This challenge also supports the objectives in the Town of Bassendean’s Strategic Community Plan 2017-2027.

Create real solutions to your city’s climate challenge, take action in your city! If you want to BE PART OF THIS it’s not too late to be part of it –  Application Deadline: 25th October, 2017

How will you benefit from Climathon?

  • Help solve your city’s local climate challenge, and make your city more resilient to climate change
  • Network with local leaders from academia, business and public authorities
  • Join forces with other like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Become a part of a global community working together to take climate action!

Australian cities, towns and shires are at risk from worsening climate impacts, such as floods, water scarcity and extreme heatwaves. Meanwhile, urban populations are major contributors to climate change, producing around three-quarters of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions from activities such as heating, cooling and lighting buildings, transportation and industrial activities.


Networking in Bassendean

Come along on Tuesday 31 October for relaxed environment to update and increase your local contacts.  Every month we meet up at Dome Bassendean (upstairs) for informal discussion and networking.

This month the focus is Cultural Awareness. Learn how to Increase your cultural awareness and take advantage in business in culturally diverse environments.

  • Impact of cultural differences in business
  • Capitalise cross cultural understanding in your business
  • Way to identify cultural gaps
  • Practical application of awareness

Facilitated by Rika Asaoka-Director/Training Facilitator @ Language & Culture

The Details:

Tuesday 31st October 7:15am to 9:00am at Dome Cafe Bassendean.

Members and Non Members welcome but places are limited.

CLICK HERE to book via EventBrite.

Think Small First Competition for shoppers and small businesses!

From this Saturday 28 October until 10 December, Small Business Matters is running a state-wide shopper competition to help celebrate our small business sector.

Small businesses and shoppers are invited to get involved to encourage people to Think Small First!  By spending at least $10 at a participating small business and entering online, shoppers can go in the draw to win $2,000. (T&C’s apply).  Shoppers can locate their local participating small businesses at the Small Business Matters shopper map: – http://smallbusinessmatters.net.au/page/small-business-locator

Who doesn’t need that in the lead up to Christmas?

Below is a video of a recent Connect Event, Making Your Business Work For You, featuring a panel of small business owners on business plan preparation, steps for taking planned and unplanned leave, setting up a support network and maintaining a positive work/life balance.

The speakers included Benjamin Trinh from Life Ready Physio & Pilates, Helen Pow from The Little Posy Co., Brian Greedy from Brian Greedy Business Solutions, and facilitated by Kate Eccles from Bankwest.

They shared their unique insights and real life experiences. Some of the key takeaways from them were: (more…)