Solo Endeavours.

Solo Endeavours event was a business forum held in May 2014.

It was a half day feast of speakers, workshops, networking, expo and it finished with pizza and beer.

It celebrated, challenged, educated, teased, promoted the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the creatives pushing the boundaries of their solo endeavours be they at home or in a retail or commercial outlet.

The whole event was videod for on going contribution and benefit of those who were unable to attend.

There is a short 3 minute taster video plus all of the five presentations here. Their topics were:

Entrepreneurship Myth Busting3ENTREPRENEURSHIP MYTH BUSTING, Phil Kemp, CEO Business Foundations

Running Time 30 mins. May 2014.

With so much hype around being entrepreneurial the reality of going out on your own is being clouded. 7 myths plus one are discussed and explained.


Launching a Company3LAUNCH A BUSINESS, Claire Robertson, Co-Director, The Founder Institute

Running Time 33 mins. May 2014

To establish a business demands a skill to succinctly describe what you do, why you do it and the benefits it delivers. This is called pitching.



Email Marketing3EMAIL MARKETING, Jenny Spring, CEO Spring into Sales

Running Time 13 mins. May 2014

The Why and How Email achieves sales results that put alternative communication methods in the shade. A taster of the entire presentation.


Financing Your Dream3FINANCING YOUR DREAM, Damien Pougnault, Regional General Manager SME, Westpac

Running Time 22 mins. May 2014

The business cycle can be two days to six months – managing cash flow is critical. Banks are much more than lenders and offer a range of services. Westpac Davidson Institute.

Tony Watts3STAYING SANE, Tony Watts, CEO Small Business Centre

Running Time 27 mins. May 2014

What we risk when we start a business.