Business Associations, State & Federal Assistance Programmes

R Putnam. Social Capital MeasurmentSuccess in business has a lot to do with making the right connections and getting the right advice.   Invest your time into meeting other business owners and getting to know them.  You are never alone and you can be certain that your challenges have been experienced by others and that there are plenty of solutions and ideas out there!

Below is a link to key agencies and local business associations that provide valuable support, advice and information.


Business Local

business-local-approved-logBusiness Local is a free business advisory service for small business. It is available if you’re starting a business or if you have one already up and running.

It is an outreach service, meaning that the service comes to the business rather than the business having to go to their office. It is funded by the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) but is contracted out to Business Station. Business Station run training workshops, one on one consultations, and some business incubators (where brand new businesses share business administration facilities like printers, desks, secretarial services and reception to keep their costs to a minimum and get established)

Business Station2

Kim Charles, CEO Business Station and Tanja Coyne

The Business Local Programme in collaboration with the Town of Bassendean uses our facilities to host and present useful workshops and consultations for small businesses in this area.

They are usually held in the meeting rooms at Bassendean Memorial Library on Old Perth Road and are normally free (there may be a charge sometimes for certain subjects, but they’re mostly free).

The workshops are on all the different things which are important to being in business –marketing, finance, social media, managing staff, insurance and on and on. Get in touch with the Economic Development Officer to find out when the next workshops are being held and also subscribe to receive the posts on this web site to get the alerts when they’re first published.

Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC)

The SBDC is the state funded government agency responsible for virtually all of the business and commercial support strategies of the State Government. Based in the CBD, the agency has significant resources available for the use of small business.  One of the most important and valuable service commenced in about 2013 is the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Service.  The types of disputes which they can help with include between tenants and landlords, between businesses and government, those concerning failure to fullfill a contract to supply goods, trade practices, anti-competitive behaviour etc.  Disputes generally can grow to be both expensive and dibilitating to most small businesses if not nipped in the bud. The SBDC will assist you with finding a solution for free.

Beyond this service , SBDC offers a comprehensive support function, from planning and structures, Marketing, Premises and Location, Tax and Legal requirements, Importing and Exporting matters, Business grants, Employing people and more. The SBDC can be found at

Level 2
140 William St

Phone: 08 6552 3300

Central Eastern Business Association (CEBA)

ceba papadoulisA local business association with affiliations to Bassendean.  A number of local businesses are members of this club. Set up essentially to encourage networking, CEBA has now established annual Business Awards and many diverse events virtually every month.

CEBA are located at

Morley Training Centre
22 Russell Street,
Morley, WA 6062

Phone 08 9375 6430


Swan Chamber of Commerce (SCC)

The Swan Chamber of Commerce is the peak forum for businesses in Midland and surrounding areas.  It has a strong reputation for lobbying aggressively for what is needed for a better business environment for the region.  The SCC hold regular breakfast seminars and luncheons.

Every business joining up is able to promote business, meet potential customers, learn all about what is going on in the region that impacts on the business community and keep informed on business issues.

The Swan Chamber of Commerce are located at

Unit 1,
27 Old Great Northern Highway
Midland WA 6056

Phone: 08 9374 5000

Entrepreneurs Programme

AusGovBusThe Entrepreneurs Programme is provided by AusIndustry, the key division of the Department of Industry to manage and deliver most of the industry assistance initiatives of the Federal Government.

The assisstance programmes mentioned here from the State Government (through the SBDC) have targetted the small business sector. The Entrepreneurs Programme focuses on businesses in the $1.5m to $100m annual turnover range.

If your organisation is turning over more than $100m pa, there are still some services available through AusIndustry which you may be able to take advantage of. For example the R&D Tax Concession,

AusIndus2The Entrepreneurs Programme is focussed on the Growth Sectors.  The Growth Sectors are broad industry sectors identified by research where Australia has an advantage or potential to strongly compete on a global scale. There are five Growth Sectors:

  1. Advanced Manufacturing;
  2. Food and Agribusiness;
  3. Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals;
  4. Mining Equipment, Technology and Services; and
  5. Oil, Gas and Energy Resources

If your business provides Enabling Technologies and Services to one or more of the Growth Sectors your business can be considered for inclusion in the programme. And one more additional “if”:  If you are not currently operating within the broad descriptions above as growth Sectors, if you demonstrate you are committed to, and have the skills, capability, intellectual property or expertise to operate in, one or more of the Growth Sectors in the future you could be considered eligible for inclusion in this programme.

AusIndus3Once the business has satisfied the higher level criteria (above) an Advisor to the program will asses

  1. The growth opportunities
  2. The commitment to growth in the organisation
  3. The level of resources and the latent capacity in the business to feed and sustain any potental growth.

Assuming that your organisation satisfies the Merit Assessment (above) a suit of assistance programmes will be avaialable to you.

There is

  1. Business Management
  2. Research Connection
  3. Accelerating Commercialisation

AusIndus1Then under Business Management for example there is

  1. Business Evaluation
  2. Supply Chain Facilitation
  3. Business Growth Service

AusIndustry has minimised the red tape for businesses to take advantage of this assistance. They have made the assessment process as easy as possible.  The advisors are very flexible in the time, they deal with it quickly and they are all knowledgeable.  There is no time wasting.

AusIndustry Programme can be found here Entrepreneurs Programme

AusIndustry’s office in Perth is located at:

Level 25, St Martins Tower
44 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6000

Phone: 08 9287 3500