Economic Development Plan 2012 – 2017

ED Plan CoverEconomic Development has always been one of the four pillars of the Town of Bassendeans’ strategic plan.

The Town recognises that not only is the commercial area a significant slice of the town geographically (about 20% is zoned commercial or similar) but that a prosperous commercial sector generates a prosperous local community which generally is a happier community.

The purpose of the Economic Development Plan is to create clarity on the role of Council in the local economy. The key objectives were

  • To present a profile of businesses in the community and an understanding of the business community’s view of the local economy.
  • To Identify specific concerns and problems of the local businesses and provide solutions to those problems.
  • To Improve the communications bridge between local government and the business community.


In the process of developing this plan, business executives were provided an opportunity to have their opinions listened to and passed directly on to the Town representatives.  It became the opportuunity for Council to better understand the implications of it’s policies and become responsive to business needs.

The Plan was endorsed by Council in July 2012. The key focus areas of the plan are:

  • Support, Engagement & Advocacy
  • Planning & development
  • Town centre Rejuvenation & Place Making
  • Home Based Businesses
  • Economic Development Marketing
  • Education, Re-skilling & Retention
  • Tourism
  • Low Carbon Economy
  • Digital Adaptation

From these nine key focus areas each there are 35 actions. These actions are cut down for easier understanding in our Economic Agenda which is set at the start of each finacnial year.

The full plan can be downloaded here.