Land Use Zones

The Local Planning Scheme classifies five land use zones for the Town of Bassendean: Residential, Local Shopping, Town Centre, General Industry, Light Industry

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Local Planning Scheme

The Local Planning Scheme which explains the local government’s planning aims and intentions for the municipality area sets aside land as reserves for public purposes; sets out the zoning of all land within the area; it controls and guides land use and development; it sets out procedures for the assessment and determination of planning applications; it makes provision for the administration and enforcement of the Scheme and addresses other matters set out in the Schedule Seven to the Planning and Development Act.

LPS 2013The Local Planning Strategy provides the rationale for the zoning and other provisions in the scheme.  It sets out the long-term planning directions for the area.

In addition to the Local Planning Strategy, the Town has writen a range of Local Planning Policies. These are guidelines used to assist the Town in making decisions under the Scheme by offering a fuller explanation in the spirit of the law rather than the letter of the law.

Policies are not part of the Scheme but they must be consistent with, and cannot vary, the intent of the Scheme provisions, including the Residential Design Codes. In considering an application for planning approval, the Town must have due regard to relevant Policies.

Local Planning Policy Framework sets out the relationship between the Scheme and
the Local Planning Strategy and the procedures for preparing and adopting Local
Planning Policies.

From a commercial perspective attention is drawn to the Industrial & Commercial Strategy which is part of the Local Planning Strategy.  This section obviously focuses on the specific zones and localities which are of Commercial and Industrial value.